Hey, I’m Roshan

Let’s take a turn to the bridges that binds Hope, Humanity & Heuristics

I’m a Computer Science student, Web Developer, Quantum Programmer & a constantly evolving tech enthusiast.

title decoration My Projects

Microblog Web App

Twitter like microblog for public blogging and private messaging. Includes features like One-One private messaging, Live Notifications, etc. Created with Flask & deployed on Heroku

Portfolio Website

Single Page Web application created using Gatsby, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Deployed on netlify

Hackathon Website / Hack 21

Upcoming hackathon held by IEEE Mace and funded by IEEE HAC. Created with Django and Templates

AI Market Assistant App

Developed a REST API for a AI powered Market Assistant Mobile application as part of CISCO Hack 21. Created using Flask & Dart

Cultural Fest Website / Sanskriti

Sanskriti is the annual cultural fest in MACE. Created a full-stack website using HTML, CSS & Django

Hackathon Promo Website

Promotional website for IEEE Hack 21 based on Hack 20 events. Static website using HTML, CSS & Javascript

Mozilla Club Mace Website

Mozilla Mace Web was my first web project. I created a static HTML, CSS website for the club