Why I Learned Flask as a Beginner

Python and Javascript are the two most popularly used backend programming languages. There are frameworks build upon these languages like Django, Flask, Express.js, Pyramid, etc. Developers choose among these frameworks based on their requirements such as speed, ease of development, learning curve, cost of deployment, etc.

When I decided to learn backend programming, I took the long road starting with javascript, react, and node.js. Learning Node.js wasn’t easy. It was hard to understand the concepts of backend programming like models, schemas, routes, databases, middlewares, tokens, etc. The course that I took was more focused on the core concepts of node.js rather than backend programming.

Even before learning backend development, I was already contributing to projects by designing and developing the UI of the applications. Most of the projects were Django-based applications. But then, I didn’t know python and was interested in learning full-stack javascript.

I started learning python when I was studying Quantum Computing and to get better in the language, I decided to learn backend programming in python. The best options for me were Flask and Django. I went with Flask since it is easy to get started.

Flask is a microframework for web development. It has a relatively small community of developers. The odds here are against Flask, then why Flask?

For beginners, Flask is less magic than Django. It doesn’t have predefined functions or a structure like Django. Flask gives more freedom to developers to organize and write their code. But there is a recommended way to develop a Flask application that is supported by the entire community. So the good thing about flask is that you get to learn what happens behind the scenes without much complexity while developing. One great thing about flask is that it has dedicated libraries for everything and with excellent documentation.

Learning Flask helped me to get the bigger picture of web development and understand the real difference between client and server-side javascript. Moreover, it helped me to understand the core concepts of backend programming.

Here are some resources that I used to learn Flask:

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