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I’m Roshan, a CSE Undergraduate Student from Kerala. Web Development and Quantum Computing are a few of my interests in the technical world. My journey into the web started when I was in High School where I got the second prize in a sub-district web development competition. From that day onwards I’m continuing my journey through the web. I thought it would be fun if more people could join the venture. So I decided to start writing this blog.

I have never done writing a blog in my life. You must have understood this from the intro section itself. Please bear with me, I’ll get better at this : ).

The only thing that I did that closely relates to blogging was writing answers on Quora. It was just for fun and there wasn’t anything technical. I was in high school and I didn’t know anything technical at that time. My answers were mostly based on Game of Thrones theories. But I really did like answering on Quora and that was my motivation to start writing a blog. You can also ask me any questions on Tech, Anime, or TV on Quora.

There is one more piece missing in the story, Quantum Computing. I had an interest in science even when I was a kid (not trying to act Sheldon Cooper here ; p). But the fact that I loved computers and coding more made me pursue engineering as a career. I was more into the developing field than research. Recently I found this field called Quantum Computing which is a mix of science and engineering. I don’t think there is anything useful to do for a computer engineer right now in this field. But once the Quantum Computers get powerful enough and used in our daily life, more developers would be in demand in this industry. And I hope that day comes soon enough!

And finally, If you’re thinking about how I created this blog, I created it all from scratch using Gatsby, GraphQL, and Contentful.

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Written by Roshan R who lives in India, building useful things. You should follow them on Twitter