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Hey Buddy,

This is the first blog on my official website. I’m very happy that you’re are reading this & being a part of my happiness.

Using static site generator

For the last three days, I had been working on my website. It was just recently that I got to know about static site generators to create websites with dynamic content. Gatsby is known for creating blog sites, but I’m still using wp for my blogs which I may change to Gatsby soon.

Gatsby was a great relief for me that I could manage the content very easily. A single YAML file could do the job. The best part was that I wasn’t restricted to the free themes on WordPress or needed to write a single line of backend code (I know I’m still blogging on a wp site XD).

Gatsby or Gridsome

The only reason to use Gatsby for me was that I’m well versed in React. React is a Javascript framework on which Gatsby is built. Gatsby has all the flexibilities of a React application and adds more features through gatsby plugins. There are plugins for almost anything in Gatsby. Also, it has a strong community for all the technical support. Gridsome is pretty much the same as Gatsby but uses Vue js in the back. Everything you could do with Gatsby could be done with Gridsome.


There is not much previous knowledge necessary to work with Gatsby. But a basic understanding of Javascript and React would help you while hunting bugs. But that won’t be much of an issue as you have an awesome community to help you.

Not a racist

Gatsby doesn’t care if you’re a beginner or an expert or a geek or a quirkless being. They have the perfect documentation on everything they have and even provides a to help you even if you don’t have any idea on React or Gatsby. Just visit the page and step into the tutorial, It’ll take you from beginner to master. I was just kidding! that won’t happen overnight XD. It takes time and patience to become a master.

Things to keep in mind

If you ever start with Gatsby, you’ll be very happy that you read this blog. Here are some issues that I’m pretty sure that every Gatsby developer will encounter.

  • If you install a plugin make sure to update the gatsby-config.js file. Even if messed up your config files and public folders, remember that the src files is all that you need to reconfigure it.
  • If installing a plugin causes any issues like you get a million errors, del the node-modules folder and package-lock.json file. Then run npm install
  • Suppose that you’re updating something in your files and the update won’t take any effect at all then, remove the .cache files and public folder, and then build the files again. For doing this, run gatsby clean and npm run develop

Not the End!

But that is not it for Gatsby. It is a whole new world to create mind-blowing applications with ease. Just. You’ll be happy for sure.

Happy Coding🙂

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